The Revolution of 1909, sometimes referred to as the First English Revolution, was a massive popular uprising in England starting with the collapse of the London Stock Exchange's value in October of 1908 and ending with the forced removal of King Edward VII on April 17, 1909 and the subsequent flight of the royal family to Oceania.

The revolution brought forth the First English Republic, an unstable state prone to constitutional rewrites, frail governments, mass street riots, rampant crime and violence, industrial decay and a loss of English overseas territories. The instability of "Revolutionary England" led directly to the powerful Marxist factions coming to power after a 14-month internal struggle between late 1920 and early 1922 that created the Socialist Republic of England under the charismatic David Barham. The revolution also caused the emigration of much of England's wealth and capital, especially in its latter years when it became clear that the Socialists were gaining traction and power in the cities, in particular in Northern England.

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