World Revolution

Trotsky believed in exporting socialism, unlike Stalin who wanted to build socialism in one country. To begin the so-called "World Revolution" Trotsky expanded the Cheka in February 1924 to train usurpers to send to the countries of Europe. 60,000 well trusted and committed Soviets were secretly trained in Siberian camps. By December 1924 the first group of 1000 agents (mostly highly trusted army officers from the civil war) were smuggled into Germany. Their mission was two-fold:

  • 50% of the agents would integrate into the population and attempt to win support for the German Socialist party through rallies and speeches, e g: trying to reinforce the positive aspects of Socialism for the masses
  • 30% of the agents would be involved in inspiring hatred against the Weimar government and the right-wing parties. They would use sabotage, expert assassination (so no clues would be left), and generally try to suggest the negative aspects of every option other than the Socialist one.
  • 20% of the agents were employed in trying to infiltrate the stock markets of the capitalist nations. Many managed to sneak into the economic sectors of government where they conducted espionage and acted as real government employees. In reality they were rigging the worldwide stock market to crash. This would devastate much of the capitalist world but the socialist world would be mostly unaffected due to the centralized economy.

By March 1928 the last group of revolutionaries was sent to Mexico and Brazil.

Results of Secret Agents

During the entire process of the plan for world revolution, code named operation RED WORLD, secrecy was paramount. This was before the age of stealth and satellite photography. There was no evidence that any western country even noticed the agents acting in their territories, such was their skill and the haphazard conditions that existed in the post war years. The agents were most successful in South America and Europe. In Germany in particular, the weak Weimar government was unable to deal with the huge post-war inflation and unemployment. This led people to support extremist parties. Unlike in OTL the Nazi party did not gain as much support as the Socialist party as the agents in Europe were hugely successful in promoting Socialism. Adolf Hitler was assassinated on the 23rd of January 1925. "Mein Kampf" was never published and Hitler's ideas never took any public interest. The first country to turn Socialist was Czechoslovakia in 1926 after the peaceful overturning of the government to Socialism. The president Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk did not wish for bloodshed and turned over the power of his office to socialist Klement Gottwald. Socialist Governments were set up in most European countries by 1932. After the huge stock crash of 1933 almost all European countries, with the exceptions of Iceland, Portugal and Switzerland adopted socialist policies and politics. In South America Argentina was the first country to join the red revolution followed six months later by Chile. All in all the secret agents are believed to have succeeded in their goals, both to spread Socialism and remain completely undetected.

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