Ever since the Red Revolution overthrew the governments of Germany, Scandinavia, Russia and countless others, millions numbers of refugees fled across borders and oceans, with some nationalities being more luckier than others. Despite being forced to give up their citizenship and old homeland, many people still wanted to hold onto their culture and language. Such was the goal of 'Revivalist' (aka Restorationist) groups, operating throughout the late 18th and late 20th century, with a small handful still existing today as powerful NGOs. Some groups even hold status as political parties from all ends of the spectrum. This page serves to list most of the active and inactive groups that spawned from the refugee crisis of the Cold War's early days...

List of Revivalist Groups


  • German Restoration League
  • Polish Revivalist Society
  • New Russia Party


  • Committee to Restore the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (CRPLC)
  • Children of the North (Scandinavian Restorationists)


  • Restore Germania Party

United Kingdom

  • Rule, Germania
  • Nordic Restoration Party
  • Polish League


  • New Japan Party
  • Reclaim the Motherland (Pro Russian-Aleyskan Unification)

United States of America

  • New California Republic
  • Poland is not yet Lost

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