The Future

Kansas City, MO 1986

The Retro-future Timeline tells the story of humanity and the Earth if Tomorrowland was right about 1986 (except nuclear fission).

After Apollo 11 reported back to Earth, there was an explosion of technological advancement. By 1973, cold-fusion was discovered and quickly replaced fossil fuels. The PC is invented in 1974. Because of increased government income from lack of fuel needs, the manned space missions to the Moon are not cancelled and astronauts make it to Mars by 1981. Housing materials are replaced with plastics in 1983, and Steve Jobs goes bankrupt because of lack of interest in the Mac in 1984. In 1985, Back to the Future is released, but the fictional 2015 in the second film is even more advanced.

Later, the Space Race does not end and it continues to this day. Furthermore, the Soviet Union does not disband until 2003. 9/11 does not occur, as the oil-rich but money-starved Middle Eastern countries become democratic and join NATO. The reunification of Germany, however, happens in a similar way as it does in OTL.

This is the way that everyone, from Walt Disney to Hanna-Barbera, thought the world would be. All is well.

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