Confederate States of America
Flag of the Confederate States (14 stars).svg
1930–1945 US flag 36 stars.svg
Flag of Texas.svg
Flag of the Confederate States (fascist period) (Victory at Gettysburg).svg Seal of the Confederate States of America.svg
Flag Coat of arms
Map of the Confederate States of America (Restorationist Period).png
Greatest extent of the Confederate States in 1942 prior to the Battle of Chicago
Capital Richmond
Official language English
Religion Protestant
Government Single Party Authoritarian Restorationist dictatorship
 - 1929-1945 Harry Byrd
 - 1945 William Simmons
Vice President
 - 1930-1945 William Simmons
 - Declaration of Restoration TBD 1930
 - Official surrender to the United States January 13, 1945
Currency Confederate Dollar

From 1930 to its demise, the Confederate States of America was a Restorationist-Fascist dictatorship located in North America in what is now the United States.

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