Since 1600: Kingdom of Kongo starts to introduce western ideas.

1605: King Henry V of Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal wants to find the way to China and India by going west. He has four ships starting from the Atlantean west coast. However, the journeys are struck by an extreme case of bad luck: The first one is hit by a hurricane and starves somewhere in the North Pacific, the second one lands on the island of Tahiti, where the crew mutinies and simply stays there, the third one lands on OTL New Guinea, where they're killed and eaten by the local cannibals, and the fourth one crosses the Pacific and lands in Nippon, where they are defeated by Nipponese armed with guns and imprisoned (possibly the Nipponese-Russian competition was a reason for that - who in Nippon can tell Europeans apart?).

1607: Songhay, having enforced its army with Moroccan gunpowder weapons, attacks the Fula people in Senegal. Their typical cavalry is added to the Songhay army.

1612: French merchants from Suez arrive in Ethiopia, start diplomatic connections. France takes Djibouti to secure the way to India.

1615/16: "Australian War": Sweden defeats the Dutch, takes back the mostly Scandinavian-settled colony Australia (OTL South Africa).

Since ~1620: Portuguese slave traders in Guinea are the first time scolded by the Songhay officials for selling them sub-quality firearms. Prices for African slaves and other wares from Songhay rise.

1626: Jolof conquered by Songhay, which now extends to the coast.

1634-54: Char Bouba War - with French support, Berbers in OTL Mauretania defeat the Arabs.

1630s: French traders are allowed to trade in the Portuguese colonies in Africa, after Portugal becomes independent with French help. France also helps Portugal to oust some nations in West Africa which they don't like (England, Spain, Netherlands).

1644: Swedes discover the west coast of Australia, but aren't interested in that continent either.

Since 1650: Persian shahdom takes control of East African coast.

1651-58: Kanem-Bornu conquered by Songhay empire.

1670s: Songhay subjugates the Mossi. Now they reign all of West Africa between Sahara desert and the jungle (which is unsuited for cavalry).

1690s: Portuguese "ship-states" at the coast of Guinea emerge. Since the area is still unsuited for large-scale European settlement, they simply stay on the ships, living in symbiosis with the local kingdoms. Since this time, the Mulatto population of West Africa starts to rise significantly.

17th century: Oyo kingdom becomes the mightiest Yoruba state.

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