16th century: Ouaddai Kingdom (west of Darfur) emerges.

Kingdom of Kaffa (near Ethiopia) makes Christianity its state religion.

Burundian state emerges.

First records of the kingdom of Ndongo (OTL N Angola).

1510s: Due to rising prices for slaves, Portuguese slave traders expand their "business" into the Congo.

1513: Kingdom of Benin sends an ambassador to Portugal.

1516: Muslim troops attack and overrun Ethiopia, ruling it for about two generations.

1540s: After the Quadruple Monarchy defeats the uprisings in Morocco, many Moroccan warriors flee to Songhay, introducing gunpowder weapons to the country.

1569: An expedition with a mixed Scandinavian crew under a captain Ingolfsson goes to Africa, sails down the coast along the Portuguese colonies, reaches Cape of Good Hope. They like the climate and tell king Alexander on their return about it.

Since ~1570: Ashanti confederacy starts to become important, also thanks to its gold riches.

1574: Scandinavians found the colony of Australafrica (Australia for short) with the capital Alexandersborg (OTL Cape Town).

1577: Dutch start to make trade with Africa (always threatened, since this is Portuguese turf), also reach Australia. For this time, they have to accept that the Scandinavians came first.

1582: Scandinavian explorers discover Madagascar, coast of Mozambique.

~1585: Luba kingdom starts to expand, securing control of copper mines.

1588: Scandinavian explorers reach Zanzibar. When news about this spread to Europe, the attention of the rulers moves away from Atlantis and the promising new ways to India.

1594: With Scandinavia in trouble, the Dutch use the opportunity and occupy Australia.

1600: Revolt of the "Söderlinger" (Scandinavians in Australia) against Dutch starts.

Late 16th century: Yoruba state of Oyo becomes mightier, thanks to its cavalry.

Islam made state religion in Darfur (earlier than OTL).

End of 16th century: Kanem-Bornu Empire reaches height of its power.

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