Since ~1400: Power of Mali Empire begins to crumble, its former vassals (like Songhay / Gao) gain more power.

15th century: Kingdom of Benin (in OTL SW Nigeria) starts to flourish. They're approached by Europeans in 1488.

Great Zimbabwe starts to fall apart. The city is given up.

Solomonic dynasty of Ethiopia organizes the state into the provinces of Tigray (northern), Amhara (central) and Shewa (southern).

Loanga kingdom (OTL Republic of Congo) founded.

Mossi state founded in OTL Burkina Faso.

Nupe immigrate from the Nile (it's claimed) to OTL Central Nigeria.

1417: The sultan of Malindi (OTL Kenya) receives Chinese diplomats.

1430-50: After the Castillian conquest of Morocco, some Moroccans start to flee South, to Mauretania or even Timbuktu.

~1440: Coffee is drunk for the first time outside Ethiopia.

1465: Songhay takes Timbuktu.

1472: Mai (=ruler title) Ali Dunamami defeats his rivals and begins the consolidation of Kanem-Bornu. He builds a fortified capital at Ngazargamu, to the west of Lake Chad, the first permanent home a Sayfawa (=his dynasty) mai has enjoyed in a century.

1480s: Kingdom of Baguirmi (OTL Chad) founded.

~1500: Mai Ali Gaji is able to defeat the Bulala and retake Njimi, the former capital.

Arab traders bring Islam to the Comoros.

At this time or earlier, Luba people start to form a state (in OTL South Congo).

Jolof at height of power.

Late 15th century: Kingdom of Baguirmi adopts Islam. Short time after, it's conquered by Kanem-Bornu.

Islam made state religion in sultanate of Sinnar/Sennar (earlier than OTL).

Mandara Kingdom founded (Tradition states: by a female ruler named Soukda and a non-Mandarawa hunter named Gaya) in OTL Cameroon.

Maravi Empire founded by the Amaravi people (in OTL Malawi).

Chaos TL in blocks
Earlier in time:

Rest of the world 1300-1400

Rest of the world


Later in time:

Rest of the world 1500-1600

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