14th century: Islam introduced in Darfur by the Tunjur.

Bantu-speaking Ovambo and Herero migrate from the north to OTL Namibia.

Mogadishu comes to prominence as a trade city.

1300+: Anasazi invade the Chaco-Canyon area, defeat Hohokam.

1303/23: Alexandrian earthquakes which destroy the Pharos of Alexandria.

1312-37: Kango / Kankan Musa in Mali, at its height of power.

1315: A Muslim prince of Nubian royal blood ascends the throne of Makuria as king.

1321: Beni Ammar establish independent dynasty in Libya.

1324: Mali Empire gains direct control over the city of Timbuktu. Mansa Musa makes Hajj; when he passes through Cairo in July, he's accompanied by five hundred slaves, each reportedly carrying a six-pound staff of gold. He spends out so much gold that it takes 12 years for the economy to recover, due to the rapid inflation that it initiated.

1325: Founding of Tenochtitlan. Musa returns from hajj; the Sankore Masjid in Timbuktu has been converted into a fully staffed Madrassa (Islamic school or in this case university) and with the largest collections of books in Africa since the Library of Alexandria, financed by a royal lady.

1325-1350: Ibn Battuta makes his famous journeys; first to Mecca (hajj), then to Choresm; after that, a second hajj, following that, East Africa; after that, Mecca again, then Constantinople and the lands of the Rum-Seljuks, and after that, the Sultanate of Delhi, but never has the opportunity to visit China and SE Asia, other than OTL. He later goes to Muslim Spain and the empire of Mali, though, and still writes about his journeys.

1331-51: Abu al-Hasan 'Ali reigns in Morocco. He conquers Tlemcen (Algeria) in 1337 and even manages to extend Morocco's rule to Tunisia in 1347-57. Later, his empire will fall apart again, though.

1343: Tepaneks unite the valley of Mexico.

1350: Last wave of immigrants to OTL New Zealand from the Society Islands.

~1350: Jolof begins dominating neighboring states such as Waalo. Start of the reign of N'Dyadya N'Dyaye.

Between 1350-1400: Cahokia abandoned.

1360: Civil War in Mali.

1375: Nimi a Nzima, the ruler of Mpemba Kasi makes an alliance with Nsaku Lau, ruler of neighboring Mbata, in which each would guarantee the succession of the other's state in the line of the two rulers making the agreement. The son and heir of this arrangement, Lukeni lua Nimi (often called Nimi a Lukeni) becomes the founder of Kongo around 1400.

1376: The Mexica elect their first tlatoani (=great speaker; means emperor), Acamapichtli. They are a tributary of Azcapotzalco.

1390: Kingdom of Kaffa founded in W Ethiopia.

End of 14th century: Ilé-Ifè (OTL SW Nigeria) declines, to be replaced by Oyo and Benin.

1400: Internal struggles and external attacks have torn Kanem-Bornu apart.

~1400: Oranyan founds the Empire of Oyo (in OTL Nigeria).

14th century: Lamu, Malindi in Kenya founded by Swahili.

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See also, for Atlantis: Western Europe / Atlantis 1400-1450

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