1200: Cuzco founded

1200+: Younger culture of Totonaks around Cempoala.

1221: A revolt in Chichen Itza. Maya decide to build a new capital, Mayapan.

1250: Tenochca migrate to the valley of Mexico.

1299: Cocoxtli, ruler of Culhuacan, allows the Mexica / Aztecs to settle in Tizapan.

Sub-Saharan Africa:

~1200: Jolof (in OTL Senegal) settled as small kingdom.

Early 13th century: Ilé-Ifè (OTL SW Nigeria) reaches its peak.

1200+: Empire of Kongo at lower Kongo river emerges.

1203: Soumaoro Kante of the Sosso people occupies Koumbi Saleh, the old capital of Ghana (not today's Ghana, it was more around Mauretania / Mali).

1221-59: Reign of Dunama Dabbalemi of the Sayfawa dynasty in the Kanem Empire (present-day Chad). He expands his empire, initiates diplomatic exchanges with sultans in North Africa and arranges for the establishment of a special hostel in Cairo to facilitate pilgrimages to Mecca. Through his wars he captures many slaves that he sells to the northern kingdoms, so enriching his country. The empire's influence extends westward to Kano (in present-day Nigeria), eastward to Ouaddaï, and southward to the Adamawa grasslands (in present-day Cameroon).

1230s: Sosso's vassals start to rebel. Among them is Mali, rich thanks to gold and salt.

1240: Sundiata Keita of the Mandinka people defeats Sosso king Sumanguru Kante, the murderer of his father and eleven brothers, at the battle of Kirina. After that, he converts to Islam.

Following this victory, Sundiata expands his Empire to include most of the important parts of West Africa, including the towns of Walata, Tadmekka, and Gao at the southern end of the desert trade routes. The Mali Empire is made up of 3 allied states and 12 tributaries. The three states are Mali (which helds the capital of the Empire, Niani), Mema, and Wagadou, the former Ghana Empire. The 12 tributaries are referred to as the 12 doors of Mali to which only the Mansa (emperor) holds the key. They are Djebeda, Tabon, Negueboria, Kankigne, Togom, Sili, Krina, Koulikoro, Diaghan, Kita, Ka-ba, and Do.

1255: Sundiata dies, to be succeeded by his son Mansa Wali Keita. During his reign, he makes Hajj.

1270: Mansa Wali Keita dies. End of the (Falashan) Zagwe dynasty in Ethiopia. Yekuno Amlak comes to power, (re-)starting the Solomonid dynasty.

1272: The Mamluks invade the little Christian country of Makuria, north of Ethiopia.

1276: They invade again to put king David's cousin Shekanda on the throne. In the same year, they annex Al-Maris, former Nobatia. Soon afterwards, Alodia / Alwa is also islamized, making Ethiopia the last Christian kingdom in Africa.

1285: After three weak Mansas, the general and former slave Sakura seizes control of Mali.

1300: Sakura killed near Tripoli.(?)

North Africa:

1207: An Almohad emir, Muhammad bin Abu Hafs, establishes the Hafsid dynasty in Libya.

1230: Berber Hafsids come to power in Tunis.

1236: Abdalwadid kingdom of Tlemcen in West Algeria.

1268: Marinids come to power in NW Africa.

1269: Last Almohad sultan killed.

Australia and Oceania:

1250: Founding of the Arioi cult at the island of Raiatea, Polynesia.

1250-1300: Discovery of bronze in the Andes.

-1300: Maori come to New Zealand.

~1300: Possible second wave of immigrants to Hawaii, from Tahiti.

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Earlier in time:

Rest of the world -1200

Rest of the world


Later in time:

Rest of the world 1300-1400

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