In a world where Tsar Alexander II of Russia is never assassinated, he succeeds in bringing democracy to Russia. As of this, the strong-hearted capitalists would prevent any uprisings, such as communism. This means there is no Cold War, and thanks to war efforts, Russia in WW2 is much more closely bonded to the Allies, as the USA and Russia were trading supplies for the Pacific war and Operation Barbarossa. Thus today, Russia is more democratic and is a powerful ally of the United States.

The Prevention

March 1, 1881 -

As Nikolai Rysakov threw the first bomb, it fell under the tsar's carriage and killed a Cossack that accompanied the carriage. The explosion, while killing one of the Cossacks and seriously wounding the driver and people on the sidewalk, had only damaged the bulletproof carriage, a gift from Napoleon III of France. The emperor emerged shaken but unhurt. Rysakov was captured almost immediately. Police Chief Dvorzhitsky heard Rysakov shout out to someone else in the gathering crowd. The surrounding guards and the Cossacks urged the emperor to leave the area at once rather than being shown the site of the explosion. POD: Meanwhile, Ignacy Hryniewiecki, who joined Nikolai, was about to throw the bomb when a group of guards tackles Ignacy onto a fence, while the bomb explodes in his hand, destroying most of the fence and killing all the guards and Ignacy instantly. Tsar Alexander is shookenn up, but rather unharmed.

The assassination of Tsar Alexander II has failed.

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