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Resolution 17 is a paper drawn up by the Susquehanna government on March 3rd, 2014. It was the plan to re-integrate with the United States, and possibly a reconstituted Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. There was no meeting with any officials from the United States, although they attempted to schedule one, it was impossible.

Resolution 17 Background

Susquehanna had only recently declared independence from the United States of America, before news of a newly formed United States in the west was heard from. Many citizens wanted to rejoin the USA because there was a lot of patriotism felt by the people.

After several protests, the government announced to the people that, although the CoS government agreed that the Torrington abased United States was a legitimate successor to the old United States, due to the lack of major infrastructure, reliable air travel, and decent long distance communication, it was impossible to reunite with the United States.

Secretly though, the government began to draft Susquehanna's proposed re-integration. The date at the top of the document states what year they hope to rejoin by, if feasible. Some politicians point out that Susquehanna has done fine on its own, de facto since unifying in a political and military alliance in 1984, and de jure since 2005.

Planned Reintegration

The resolution states a plan to start by turning over foreign relations to the federal government. It would also coordinate military intelligence and defense equipment. The national constitution will be converted to be a state constitution and have a clause added in to rejoin the United States.

After ten years, the government will turn over the interstate system to the United States as well as control of the waterways. The federal government of Susquehanna will convert to a smaller state style government and shed unneeded departments. Infrastructure will be linked to the rest of the nation as will roads and telegraph lines.

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