What if the National Peasants Party of Romania won the elections of 1946, because the elections were not defrauded by the communists?

1946 - After the elections

The former agrarian party (after 1946 Christian-democratic) was the major party in the government, and the opposition was formed by the liberal and the conservative parties. The communists (along with rest of the leftists) gained at elections only 5% of the vote, so they protest near the Royal Palace. However, the majority of the population ejected them and started a center-right wing revolution against the Soviet occupation.

Soviet response

The Soviets tried to invade Romania in January 1947, along with the rest of the kingdom's neighbours (except the pro-British and the pro-American Yugoslavia), but they failed. So it started an international crisis between Romania and the capitalist western nations, and the USSR and the communist block.

1947 & 1948 - Worldwide anti-communist revolutions

Successful democratic revolutions took place also in Bulgaria, Poland, Albania and in Czechoslovakia, supported by the governments in exile and the United Kingdom. Also an uprising started in East Germany.Due to failing of the Soviet policy, the USSR couldn't do nothing.

Also, Tito accepted monarchy and western military control in his country, so the British, American and French forces liberated the whole Eastern Europe. Stalin (more peaceful than in OTL) retreat from the leadership of the Soviet Union and was replaced by Khrushchev, which had a much more liberal policy. So he decides to retreat all the soviet troops in the Eastern Europe, the occupied territories in 1941 and even from the Baltic countries, which regain independence. In China, the communist support collapse and Chiang Kai-shek and the nationalistic government ruled by Kuomintang are moving to the conquered Beijing in the autumn of 1948.

In the rest of the world, anti-communist movements and protest successfully convinced many governments to ban the communism and in some countries, it was banned even to paint a red star (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, France, the Netherlands and many others).

Fall of Communism

In 1949 a civil war started in USSR and it collapsed. The biggest new country is United Tsardom of Russia, Ruthenia and Ukraine. By 1950, there are no communist parties or guerrillas in the world. Today, Communism is just a forgotten philosophy, thanks to the Romanian people.


Today, the world is composed by 178 states, and the major organizations are United Nations, European Union (here containing only monarchies), MERCUSOR, African Union, SAARC and OAS. By 1950's, the humanity saw progress in science, technology, culture, economy and  military. In culture, religion and technology, the world is the same like in OTL, but in politics, the major parties (in government and in opposition) are right-wing. A few left-wing parties join the elections, and only in the Central or South America (even Nelson Mandela, the first president of a free and egalitarian South Africa, became right-wing after ANC won the elections). As the industry was not so important, today, there is no Global Warming, and almost all countries are developed, due to democratic process and a fairly and "domestic" capitalism.

                      "A Utopia, but a beautiful ONE!"

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