Republica Argentina
Republic of Argentina
1969–1973 Flag of United Republic 1973.png
Flag of Argentina.svg Coat of arms of Argentina.svg
Flag Coat of arms
"En Union y libertad"
(Spanish: ""In Unity and Freedom”)
Himno Nacional Argentino
Capital Comodoro Rivadavia
Official language Spanish, English
Religion Catholicism, Indigenous
Government Constitutional Republic
 - 1969-1973 Jose Lopez Rega
 - Z-Day April 4, 1969
 - Proposal of the United Republics July 1st 1973
 - 1970 est. 23,983,000 Estimate 
Currency Peso

The Provisional Republica Argentina claims the history and to be the successor of the Republica Argentina which broke away in 1853 from Spain. During the Apocalypse, Argentina was broken into several factions. One was a Communist guerrilla group and another the Anti-Communist Argentine Alliance. This group was led by Jose Lopez Rega. Due to the Zombie outbreak in Northern Chile, Northern Argentina, and other neighboring countries Argentina has sealed its borders and even some provinces to contain the outbreak in other nations and to handle internal disputes led by Communist guerrilla groups. As of 1973 the tide began to turn in battle and Argentina has begun to drive out the Communist guerrillas and create more habitable space in Southern and the Mountainous Regions of Argentina.

In June 1973 Argentina and Chile agreed to a UK-style United Republic. In 1975 the UR has been able to push nearly 99% of Communist guerrillas out of the UR and into Peru and Bolivia.
Flag of United Republic of Argentina and Chile (Night of the Living History)

Provisional Flag of the United Republics of Argentina and Chile


List of Projects and Proposals as of 1974.25

  • Salvador a Mari (Savior from the Sea): Started in 1973.5 expected finish date 1974.25. This is vessel that specializes in research and as a potential hospital. It is expected in 1974.5 to have a smaller sister ship specialized in quarantine and highly risky experimentation and research. Complete (1) Completed (2). In 1974.5 it was announced to increase the program to include deep-sea submarines, expected design and construction of subs will be completed in 1975.50.
  • Central Wall: A wall and defence structures from the Atlantic to the Andes Mountains, going from Bahia Blanca, through Nequan, to Conception (Chile). All areas south of the Central Wall are clear of Zombies and extremely loyal with a fierce sense of pride to be apart of Argentina and the UR. Expected Completion 1973.75... Completed. Artillery and Anti-Air added 1974.5
  • Rega Wall: Another set of walls and defence structures through Maldonado, Uruguay - Duranzo, Uruguay - Rosario, Arg - Cordoba, Arg - San Juan, Arg  - Valparaiso, Chile. Expected Completion 1974.5 Completed
  • World Cup 1978: Updating stadiums, hotels, and consumer markets in preparation of the 1978 World Cup. In addition the World Celebration Stadium  in Buenos Aires (Name Pending) will be a new state of the art national stadium that will host the World Cup Final. Suggested names include Z-Day Memorial Stadium. 
  • Antarctic Research: An ongoing permanent project at Orcadas Base on the Orcadas Islands. A highly secure island with little said about the experiment's going on. The Argentine Media presumes they are using the island to experiment on Zombies in search of a vaccine.
  • Naval Program: The Argentine Navy has increased to 90 ships, three aircraft carriers, 18 ice breakers, the Salvador a Mari and her sister ship. Consists of 20,000 members  and 1,000 scientists and doctors Increasing in numbers
    • 1974.5 numbers increase to a total of 22,500 members throughout 100 ships, 20 icebreakers, and naval bases.
  • Air Defense Program: Consists of 75 fighters  and bombers. Anti-Aircraft guns have been posted on the Central Wall and will be on the Rega Wall. Also around notable bases in Antartida including Orcadas and Maramibo.  Work in Progress
  • 'Army: Still Increasing as enlistment occurs (1974.5 numbers rises total army to 65k)
    • ​Defensive/Expedition Force: 30,000 soldiers/reserves
    • Andean Army: 20,000 soldiers and marines and their vehicles
    • Special Forces: 1,500 specially trained soldiers  
  • Space Program: Acting President Rega (1970-1974), has put political pressure on the UR to start a space program. However, the current tasks are to deal with Communism and the Zombies in Northern Argentina. 
  • Nuclear Technology: Argentina has begun research to use uranium for possible atomic power that could provide clean electricity for the whole nation. 

 Foreign Relations


  • Columbia 
  • United States



  • Communist Guerrillas in South America

International Organizations

Argentina recently (1973) sought invitation to join the UCO

Providences and Territories and Claims

as of 1973.75

Flag Name Capital Type Date Established OTL Location Infection Status Leader Area (Sq Mi)
Cuidad Autonoma de Buenos Aires Seat of National Government Autonomous City Autonomous City of Buenos Aires Moderately Infected
Cuidad Autonoma de Comodoro Rivadavia  Provisional Seat of National Government Autonomous City January 4, 1970 City of Comodoro Rivadavia Clear, Blockaded
Buenos Aires La Plata Providence Buenos Aires Province Moderately Infected
Catamarca San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca Providence Catamarca Province Moderately Infected
Chaco Resistencia Providence Chaco Province Severely Infected
Chubut Rawson Providence Chubut Province Clean
Córdoba Córdoba Providence Córdoba Province Severely Infected
Corrientes Corrientes Providence Corrientes Province Severely Infected
Entre Ríos Paraná Providence Entre Ríos Province Severely Infected
Formosa Formosa Providence Formosa Province Severely Infected
Jujuy San Salvador de Jujuy Providence Jujuy Province Lightly Infected
La Pampa Santa Rosa Providence La Pampa Province Clean, At Risk
La Rioja La Rioja Providence La Rioja Province Lightly Infected
Mendoza Mendoza Providence Mendoza Province Lightly Infected
Misiones Posadas Providence Misiones Province Inhabitable
Neuquen Neuquén Providence Neuquen Province Clean
Río Negro Viedma Providence Río Negro Province Clean, At Risk
Salta Salta Providence Salta Province Lightly/Moderately Infected, At Risk
San Juan San Juan City Providence San Juan Province Lightly Infected, At Risk
San Luis San Luis Providence San Luis Province Moderately Infected, At Risk
Santa Cruz Río Gallegos Providence Santa Cruz Province Clean
Santa Fe Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz Providence Santa Fe Province Severely Infected
Santiago del Estero Santiago del Estero Providence Santiago del Estero Province Severely Infected
Tucumán San Miguel de Tucumán Providence Tucumán Province Moderately/Severely Infected
Tierra del Fuego Ushuaia Territory 1973  Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego and surrounding Archipelago Clean
Islas Malvinas (Falkland Islands) Former Claimed Territory / Member of United Republics (1973) 1973 - Independence Falkland Islands Clean
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Claimed Territory / Research and Climate Observation Stations South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Clean
South Shetland Islands Claimed Territory / Permanent and Seasonal Research Stations and Bases South Shetland Islands Clean

Antartida Argentina

and Surrounding islands 

Maramibo Base and Airport  Claimed Territory/ Permanent Bases / Seasonal Research Stations and Facilities 1973 Antarctica from 20W to 90W  Clean 965,597 km2
Orcadas Islands/South Orkney Islands Orcadas Bases Claimed Territory/Permanent Research Facility (1903)/ Naval Base (1904) South Orkney Islands Clear
Tierra de San Martin and Tierra de la Trinidada San Martin Base Claimed Territory/ Permanent  and Seasonal Research Facilities / Meteorological Base (1951) Graham Land Clean
  • Anvers Island - Base Melchior
  • Dundee Island - Petrel Base and Air Base
  • Paradise Bay - Almirante Brown Antarctic Base
  • Larsen Nunatak - Base Aerea Teniente Benjamin Matienzo
Seasonal Research Clean