The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is, as the name would suggest, a union of republics. Each republic is generally created along the lines of ethnic groups and distinctions so as to prevent any conceptions of ethnocentrism or discrimination as well as provide some sense of ethnic equality. 

Although supposedly equal in power to the central government in Moscow, the republics are in practice subservient to the Supreme Soviet and can be disbanded at will. Each republic officially retains the right to secede from the Soviet Union and has the authoritiy to regulate their particular ethnic group and that ethnic group's language and culture. Each republic also has a local Communist Party, although those Communist parties typically serve as branches of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. 

Prior to the reforms and national delimitation of 1936, the Soviet Union was made up of four republics: the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, the Transcaucasian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic, the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic, and the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. Following the delimitation, the Soviet Union was remade from four republics into thirty-one republics.

List of Republics

Flag Republic Capital
Union flag of Abkhazia (New Union) Abkhazian Soviet Socialist Republic Sukhumi
Union flag of Alania (New Union) Altai Democratic Socialist Republic Gorno-Altaysk
Union flag of Artsakh (New Union) Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic Yerevan
Union flag of Azerbaijan (New Union) Azerbaijan Democratic People's Republic Baku
Union flag of Bashkortostan (New Union) Bashkir Soviet Socialist Republic Ufa
Union flag of Belarus (New Union) Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic Minsk
Union flag of Buryatia (New Union) Buryat-Mongol People's Republic Ulan-Ude
Union flag of Kalmykia (New Union) Caucasian Turkic People's Republic Makhachkala
Union flag of Chuvashia (New Union) Chuvash Soviet Socialist Republic Cheboksary
Union flag of Circassia (New Union) Circassian Democratic Republic Maykop
Union flag of Crimea (New Union) People's Republic of Crimea Simferopol
Union flag of Dagestan (New Union) Democratic Republic of Dagestan Izberbash
Union flag of Georgia (Alternative 2014) Georgian Democratic Socialist Republic Tblisi
Union flag of Karakalpakstan (New Union) Karakalpak Soviet Socialist Republic Nukus
Union flag of Gagauzia (New Union) Khakassian People's Republic Abakan
Union flag of Karelia (New Union) Finno-Karelian People's Republic Olonets
Union flag of Kazakhstan (New Union) Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic Alma-Ata
Union flag of Cossackia (New Union) Democratic Republic of Komia Syktyvkar
Union flag of Kyrgyzstan (New Union) Kyrgyz People's Republic Bishkek
Union flag of Mari El (New Union) Democratic People's Republic of Mari El Yoshkar-Ola
Union flag of Mordovia (New Union) Mordovian People's Republic Saransk
Union flag of Ossetia (New Union) Ossetian Socialist People's Republic Java
Union flag of Russia (New Union) Russian Soviet Socialist Republic Volgograd
Union flag of Tajikistan (New Union) Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic Dushanbe
Union flag of Tatarstan (New Union) Democratic Republic of Tatarstan Kazan
Union flag of Turkmenistan (New Union) Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic Ashkhabad
Union flag of Udmurtia (New Union) People's Republic of Udmurtia Izhevsk
Union flag of Ukraine (New Union) Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic Kiev
Union flag of Uzbekistan (New Union) Uzbek People's Democratic Republic Samarkand
Union flag of Vainakhia (New Union) People's Republic of Vainakhia Grozny
Union flag of Yakutia (New Union) Yakutian People's Republic Yakutsk

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