The Republics of the Soviet Union, also known as Union Republics and Soviet Sovereign Republics (SSRs), are the primary constituent units of the Union of Soviet Sovereign Republics. Each republic is a sovereign state, united under a confederate government. The Soviet Union currently contains 15 republics, each of which are ethnically-based. Prior to the 1991, the Soviet Union ran more as a unitary government, leaving the republics with little to no power over their people. Since its re-establishment, questions have been raised as to the true identity of the Soviet Union, and the exact relationship between the republics and the federal government.


The Soviet Union was established on December 26, 1991, with the unification of four Soviet Socialist Republics: Belarus, Russia, Transcaucasia (which would later be divided into Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia), and Ukraine. Prior to glasnost and perestroika, the republics of the USSR had little to no control over their own affairs, causing many to question whether the USSR was indeed a union.

The signing of the New Union Treaty would lead to the restructuring of the Soviet Union into a union of sovereign states, in which each republic has greater (if not total) control over their affairs.


Flag Republic OTL equivalent Alt. Flag Union Flag
Flag of Armenia Armenia Armenia 800px-1885ArmenianFlag Union flag of Artsakh (New Union)
Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Flag of Azerbaijan 1918 Union flag of Azerbaijan (New Union)
Flag of Belarus (1995-2012) Belarus Belarus Flag of Belarus (1918, 1991-1995) Union flag of Belarus (New Union)
Flag of Estonia Estonia Estonia Eestimaa värvid Union flag of Estonia (Alternative 2014)
Flag of Georgia (1990-2004) Georgia Georgia Flag of Georgia Union flag of Georgia (Alternative 2014)
Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Flag of Kazakhstan (1992-1996) Union flag of Kazakhstan (New Union)
Flag of Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Flag of Kyrgyz SSR Union flag of Kyrgyzstan (New Union)
Flag of Latvia Latvia Latvia Flag of the Courland Governorate Union flag of Latvia (Alternative 2014)
Flag of Lithuania Lithuania Lithuania Livonian colours Union flag of Lithuania (Alternative 2014)
Flag of Moldova Moldova Moldova Flag of Moldavia Union flag of Transnistria (New Union)
Flag of Russia (No Napoleon) Russia Russia Romanov Flag Union flag of Russia (New Union)
Flag of Tajikistan Tajikistan Tajikistan Flag of Badakhshan (New Union) Union flag of Tajikistan (New Union)
Flag of Turkmenistan (1992-1997) Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Flag of Turkmenistan Union flag of Turkmenistan (New Union)
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine OUN-r Flag 1941 Union flag of Ukraine (New Union)
Flag of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Flag of Uzbekistan (New Union) Union flag of Uzbekistan (New Union)

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