Map of Russia (Russian America)

Republics of Russia.

The Russian Federation is a federation made up of 29 republics and two federal cities. Under the Soviet Union, Russia was divided into republics, oblasts, krais, and other autonomous regions (all of having been reorganized from the governorates of the Russian Empire). Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the subdivisions of Russia were no different from the ones of the RSFSR (with minor changes taking place). Despite hopes to give more equality between the subdivisions, the Soviet-era hierarchy was initially retained (meaning the republic has more say than the oblasts, and so on). Following the coup against Boris Yeltsin in 1993, fears of a re-centralized Russia under Alexander Rutskoy intensified minor movements to upgrade the oblasts into republics. As part of the 1994 constitution, it recognized the reorganization of Russia's subdivisions into larger republics.

Republics (Республики, Respubliki)
Federal Cities (Города федерального значения, Goroda federalnogo znacheniya)