Republican Union of South Africa
Republikeinse Unie van Zuid-Afrika
Timeline: Game of Nations

OTL equivalent: South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, Southern Mozambique, and Namibia
Flag of the Orange Free State Coat of Arms of South Africa (1932-2000)
Flag Coat of Arms

Van de eenheid, kracht (Dutch)
("From Unity, Strength")

Anthem "Die Stem van Zuid-Afrika"
Capital Pretoria
Largest city Kaapstad
Other cities Johannesburg, New Hague, Bloemfontein, New Rotterdam, Port Maurice, East Amsterdam, Windhoek, Orange City, Wilhelm
Language Dutch, KwaZulu
92.6% Christian
  others Atheist, Folk Religion (mainly blacks)
Ethnic Group Dutch/Germanic (majority after years of racial genocide)
Demonym South African
Government White Supremacist Republic
  legislature South African Parliament
Current Prime Minister Eugene Terre'Blanche
Vice Prime Minister Frederich Van Klop
Area all of Southern Africa feet
Population 55,710,039 est. 2016 
Currency Dutch guilder

The Republican Union of South Africa is a nation that sits on the bottom of the African continent. South Africa has a white majority thanks to over 100 years of genocide against the native Africans leaving only one homeland for the African people, KwaZulu in the Province of Natalia. South Africa is also the home of the Dutch government in exile after Socialist German takeover after WWI and Imperial German takeover in WWI. The Dutch government voted on Paul Hubertus van Aller in 1957 as the leader of South Africa. From the 1930s until the 1990's a black insurrection was waged and was finally defeated in 1993. Nelson Mandela was executed and other black leaders were imprisoned, or forced into power in KwaZulu.


Cape Colony

Formation into the Union

The Great War

Anti-Communist Policy

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