El Partido Republicano, or Republican Party in English, is one of the three major political parties in Colombia. The Republican Party has typically been referred to as a center-right party, which has drifted leftward to fill the void in the middle of the political spectrum since the shift of the Social Party toward the far left since the 1960's. The Republicans are generally socially moderate, fiscally conservative and support a robust foreign policy based on a strong military and a broad diplomatic influence overseas.

As the primary opposition party for most of its existence, the Republican Party came to power following the dissolution of the Colombian Congress in 1983 following a no-confidence vote brokered by the Republicans and Christian Democrats. The Republicans formed a coalition government with the Christian Democrats and governed with this coalition until assuming a majority government in 1986, which they maintained, until their ouster in the 2004 elections. The Republicans have once again formed a coalition with the Christian Democrats in the wake of the 2010 elections which resulted in a hung Congress.

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