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República Guanabarina
Guanabarean Republic
Timeline: Game of Nations
Preceded by 1918 - 1958 Succeeded by
GuanabaraFlag(GONN) Kingdom of Guanabara Kingdom of Guanabara GuanabaraFlag(GONN)
GuanabaraRepFlag(GONN) GuanabaraRepCoA(GONN)
Flag of Guanabara Seal of Guanabara
States of Guanabara

Seja triunfante a Guanabara, pátria livre agora e sempre (Portuguese)
("May Guanabara be triunfant, free fatherland now and forever")

Anthem: "[to be added]"
Capital: Guanabara City
Largest city: Rio de Janeiro
Other cities: São Paulo, Salvador, Santa Cruz, Assunção, Recife, Manaus, Belém
  other languages: Spanish, Gallician
Roman Catholicism
  other religions: Other Christian denominations, Islam, Buddism and others
Type of government: Unitary parlamentary republic (until 1927)
Unitary republican dictatorship (since 1927)
  legislature: Congresso Nacional
Currency: Cruzeiro
The Guanabarean Republic (Portuguese: República Guanabarina), was a country in South Vinhaard. It was created from a military coup, from officers that were being ignored by the government during the war effort of the Great War. As a result, the monarchy was overthrown, with the royal family sent to the exile, and the republic was proclaimed. One of the first actions was the call for peace with the nations at war, wishing to reduce the possible losts of territories.

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