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Republican Chinese Empire

中國共和黨帝國 (ZH) Бүгд Найрамдах Хятад эзэнт гүрэн (MN) Empire Cộng hòa Trung Quốc (VN)

Motto: 君主政體,共和路 (ZH)

Monarchy, the Republican Way (ENG)

Anthem: All Hail the Emperor
Capital Peking (Beijing)
Largest city Shanghai
Official languages Mandarin Chinese
Recognised regional languages Uyghur


Demonym Chinese
Government Federal Republic under Constitutional Monarchy
 -  Emperor Sun Chi-taun
 -  Prime Minister Xi Jingping
Legislature Republican Congress
 -  Upper House House of Royalty
 -  Lower House House of People's

The Chinese Empire is a sovereign nation located in East Asia. It covers OTL Mongolia, China, and Vietnam. It is a constitutional monarchy. It is currently one of the great powers, and has its own, albeit small, sphere of influence. It was formerly the biggest power before being overtaken by Japan. It has great relations with said Japan. Its main enemy is the Thai empire, and is also in competition.


Inter War Period

Post WW2 (1948-1960)

To be written game history.



International Relations

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