Grand Republic of Nations in the World
Res Publica Magna Patrii in Mundo
OTL equivalent: United Nations
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Mundus nostrus (Latin)
("It's our world!")

Capital London
Largest city Mexico City
Demonym Republican
Government Federal constitutional republic
Established 1930
Currency Worlder
Internet TLD .rw

The Grand Republic of Nations in the World (commonly reffered to as the Grand Republic, Republic of the World, GRON, ROW, or RW) is a federal constitutional republic comprising of several patrii, or nations. It owns land on every continent, and its long-term goal is to "peacefully annex all land on the Earth."



With the end of World War I, the Allies started trying to figure out what land went to whom. They agreed they could not allow their beaten enemies to remain in power, so they formed the Protectorate of Middle Eurasia, who in return for the Allies' "protection" had to be governed by them; each Allied nation sent ten representatives to London, from where they would control the Protectorate.

Because each representative tried to act in favor of his/her own country, several, even minor, problems that could be easily fixed were not because of the ineffectiveness of the protectors. Several marches and riots all over the Protectorate clearly showed that the people wanted a better government; they basically declared their independence in all but formality. The protectors did not respond by raising troops or even recognizing independence; instead, they invited their whole governments to join them in London. The constitution of the Protectorate was altered, making the governments of the protecting nations themselves in direct control.

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