The Most Serene Republic
'Rzeczpospolita (Polish)
Res Publica Serenissima (Latin)
Abiejų Tautų Respublika (Lithuanian)
Рѣч Посполита (Ruthenian)

Timeline: Pure Arabica

Si Deus Nobiscum quis contra nos (Polish, Ruthenian, Lithuanian)

Capital Kraków and Vilnius until 1596, Warsaw (shared with Grodno from 1673), with the capital of Lithuania still at Vilnius and the capital of Poland in Kraków. Since 1790, Kraków.
Largest city Warsaw
Other cities Minsk, Gdansk, Tallinn
Polish, Ruthenian, Lithuanian
  others Latin, German, Hebrew
Religion Catholicism
Government Constitutional Monarchy
King of Poland
Grand Duke of Lithuania
Prime Minister
Population (2007 est.) 
Currency ducat


The Republic of the Two Nations spent most of its history redirecting the ravening horde snapping at their fringes. Between Hungaria, The Orthodox Empire, Malorussia, and every other neighboring state, The Republic of the Two Nations has become highly adept at self-preservation.