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Republic of Yukon
[1] [2]
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: none
Capital Whitehorse
Largest city Whitehorse
Largest metro Whitehorse
Official languages English, French
Demonym Yukoner
President Geraldine Van Bibber
Confederation Septmeber 26th, 1988
Total 482,443 sq km (186,272 sq mi)
Land 474,391 sq km (183,163 sq mi)
Water (%) 8052 sq km (3,109 sq mi) (1.7%)
Total (2009) 33,442 (est.)[1]
Density 0.065 /sq km (0.17 /sq mi)
Total (2006) C$1.596 billion[2]
Per capita C$51,154 (3rd)
Postal YT
ISO 3166-2 CA-YT
Time zone UTC-8
Postal code prefix Y
Flower Fireweed
Tree Subalpine Fir
Bird Common Raven


The Yukon Territory managed to avoid getting hit on Doomsday. The isolated nature of the territory meant that the effects were not felt for some time.

Communist Revolution and Counter-Revolution

As the reality of Doomsday began to sink in, members of the Communist Party of Canada launched a coup in March 1984. The Communists imposed a harsh regime, implementing collectivism, rationing and curtailing political freedoms. At first, the measures brought temporary relief. As time went on, however, the people of Yukon-who were used to free-market democracy - began to tire of the Communists' repressive government. In addition, many people did not want to live under the rule of the ideology that contributed to Doomsday. In September 1988, the people of Yukon revolted against the Communists. Democracy was restored, and the constitution of the Republic of Yukon was drawn up.


Yukon has a 1000 men army for protection and seven ships.


33,442 people live in Yukon which is the same as the OT.


Yukon maintains a strict isolationist stance in foreign affairs. Standards of living are downright spartan by pre-Doomsday terms, and self-sufficiency is a large part of the social fabric.

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