OTL equivalent: Western Australia
RoWA Western Australia coa
2nd National Flag of the Republic of Western Australia Coat of Arms of the Republic of Western Australia
Location of the Republic of Western Australia

The Golden Country (Australian English)

Anthem "Advance Australia Fair"
Capital Perth
Largest city Perth
Other cities Albany, Bunbury, Kalgoorile
Australian English
  others Spanish, German, American
Demonym Western Australian, Sandgropers
Government Federal Constitutional Republic
2,645,615 km²
  water (%) 4.37%
Population 2,645,615 
Established 1905
Independence from Commonwealth of Australia
  declared 1905
  recognized 1908
Currency Australian Dollar (AUD)
Time Zone AWST UTC+8
Calling Code +61
Internet TLD .wau
Organizations United Nations

Western Australia is a nation occupying the entire western third of the Australian continent. It has 2.2 million inhabitants, 85% of whom live in the south-west corner of the state.

The state's capital city is Perth. The people of Western Australia are colloquially referred to as sandgropers, the common name of an insect found on sand dunes around Perth.

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