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The Republic of Watchung is a successor state of both the United States and the State of New Jersey. It is located around the Watchung mountains in Central and Northern New Jersey.


The area that now is the Republic was hit very hard on Doomsday. Due to the proximity of New York and Philadelphia, the fallout from both locations easily reached the area by the end of September, 1983. By the end of the year, an estimated 42% of all people in the area have died from either fallout or starvation, as a shortage of food hit the area hard. To many in Watchung, there was no hope for a new beginning, but they soon learned they were wrong.


On December 23rd, 1983, The mayors of the towns of Berkley Heights, Mountainside, New Providence, Summit, and Springfield all signed a Constitution that declared them to be the Confederation of Watchung. The leaders of the towns felt that in order to survive in this new post-Doomsday world, they would have to work together. On February 7th, 1984, the citizens of the five towns unanimously voted Mountainside Mayor Robert Harrington President of the confederation. He was inaugurated on February 20th, and served for eight years. However, the Confederation was very weak; it unified the towns, but they had only a weak 20 member Legislature and an even weaker President. They also had no army, apart from a small militia. Despite this, the Founding Five, as they are know now, felt that Watchung had great potential, and could be a viable and prosperous nation, just as it is today.


On January 28th, 1985, The neighboring towns of Scotch Plains and Fanwood joined the Confederation of Watchung. President Harrington, along with the rest of the confederation, began to feel that it was time for all of the surviving towns to join together and become on again. This idea quickly triggered a wave of expansion in the Confederation that lasted throughout the decade. The expanded west towards the Cranford river, east to Plainfield, Somerset, north to Morristown and Essex. Most of the annexations were done peacefully and with the consent of the citizens, though some, like the conquering of Cranford and Clark, were performed with more force. By 1992, The Confederation of Watchung included all of Eastern Union and Essex counties, nearly all of Somerset county, and all of southern Morris county. But soon, the flaws of the Confederation were becoming more and more apparent; On September 15, 1993, the mayors of the towns converged on the capital (Berkley Heights), and called for a constitutional convention


Much like the situation in 1787, the towns in the Confederation wanted to greatly revise the original 1983 constitution for a more unified, more able government. All 49 towns sent two delegates, totaling 98 in all. Throughout the fall and winter of 1993, they debated over the future of the Confederation, argued over the powers the government would have, but eventually found compromise and agreement. On January 16th, 1994, the new Constitution was voted for by a 76 percent margin in a special election, and the Confederation of Watchung became the Republic of Watchung.


The first President of the newborn Republic was Plainfield delegate and President of the convention Gerlad Green. However: he would only be a provisional President: On November 8th, 1994, the voters of Watchung would vote for the "first" president and vice-president of the Republic, along with members of the new Legislature, now renamed the Senate. The most likely choice was Fanwood mayor Linda Stender. She was famous around the Republic for providing the citizens of her small town with security, necessary provisions, and prosperity during her 7-year tenure as mayor. Due to her popularity, she ran unopposed, and got 96% of the vote. She went on to serve two terms as president, and is considered by many to be the best president of the Republic.


The government of the Republic of Watchung is similar to the government of the state of New Jersey and the US government. It is divided into three branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. the Executive branch is headed by the President, who is elected directly by the voters of the Republic for a term of four years. A President is allowed to serve two four-year terms. In the event of death, incapacitation, or resignation of the President, the Vice-President would then take over the office of the Presidency. The Legislative branch has only one chamber, as opposed to the common two: The Senate. The Senate has 58 members, one from each town. Each member is elected by the voters in his or her town for terms of four years, with one-half coming up for election every two years. In 2005, President Marks passed the Term Limitation Act, which prohibited Senators from serving more than three consecutive four-year terms. The Judicial branch is home to the Supreme Court, whose duties are identical to the ones of the U.S. Supreme Court and the New Jersey Supreme Court. The members are appointed by the President, and can serve unlimited terms of 7 years, but have to retire at age 70.


1. Robert Harrington 1984-1988

2. Thomas Wedeli 1988-1994

3. Gerald Green 1994-1995

4. Linda Stender 1995-2003

5. Martin Marks 2003-2007

6. Jordan Glatt 2007-2011

7. Alexander Mirabella 2011-present

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