The Republic of Virginia is a republic in North America, comprising the former US states of Kentucky and West Virginia, and the former Confederate state of Virginia. Known for its militaristic society, Virginia has held a persistant rivalry with the Federal Union of Maryland for over 70 years. West Virginia and northern Virginia are currently occupied by Maryland.


During the Final Civil War between the USA and CSA, Confederate forces under General Douglas MacArthur seized Kentucky and West Virginia from the United States, and was appointed military governor. After the Louisianan secession, MacArthur, who was born in Arkansas, led his troops in a mutiny, declaring the actions of the Confederate government in repressing the secession were unlawful. He marched on Richmond, the Confederate capital, and managed to quickly conquer Virginia, forcing the Confederate government into exile and leading to the collapse of the Confederate government.

After the seizure of Virginia, MacArthur declared himself Governor of Virginia under the CSA, although he refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of any government of the ICMAG. As a result, the territories under MacArthur's control effectively became an independent republic, although he refused to acknowledge this. MacArthur ruled Virginia as a military dictatorship until his death in 1964. During this time, Virginia's culture came to rapidly change towards a more militaristic mindset, under the dominant politics of the time; a Roman revival took place in architecture, while comparisons were made between MacArthur's overthrowing of the Confederate government and the creation of the Roman republic. The unofficial republic also developed a close alliance with Britain, in order to further their interests against the German-supported Maryland.

After MacArthur's death in 1964, the 'state of Virginia' was proclaimed a republic.

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