After Texas gained its independence from Mexico in 1836. Later in 1845 Anson jones the fourth president of Texas talked to the former president Lamar to reconsider joining the United State. During the talk Lamar showed president Jones a bill that Sam Houston didn't pass. That let Texas claim the Mexican secession The president thought about and passed it Sam Houston was quick to respond. He did not approve of what Anson did but for he was not the president. 6 months later Anson Jones said to the citizen that Texas is staying a republic and has claim the Mexican secession. Allowing trade to Asian countries on the pacific which left the United States with the Oregon territory. But later in 1846 the Republic of Texas was invaded by Mexico which ends in 1849 with Texas the victor. After surrounding Mexican soldiers in San Antonio with Santa Anna and there for recognizing Texas independence. In 1854 Texas abolished slavery because of relation with Britain and France. In 1861 the Civil War began in the US and Texas was the spectator not wanting get involved. the south wanted recognition from Texas after after the Pope had recognized them and did not. Soon the south and the north where fighting in Texas in what is a little strip southwest Kansas Texas joined the union to put an end to the south. After the civil war in 1865 Texas and the US became closer allies. Later the US gained Hawaii and Alaska Texas had gained Haiti and the Dominican republic. In 1914 WWI started America went to war before Texas because of two US trading ships sunk off the coast of Germany. Texas got into the war in 1917 when the Zimmermann telegraph was sent to Mexico after that Texas joined the US in the war. The ended war in 1918 Texas and the US where now closely involved over seas until in 1922 Texas and the US pulled out their troops from Germany. Later years a Great Depression started in the US and spread into Texas. In 1939 WWII started the US again went to war before Texas after Pearl Harbor was bombed in 1941 and declare war on Japan and then Germany soon declared war on the US. Texas later got involved when two ships where sunk by German subs The Texas navy was soon dispatched 3hrs after the sinkings. After five days of searching the coast the Texas navy found the two Subs but on the sonar what they found was shocking. 80 German subs where headed toward Galveston at 3:00am on Tuesday 1942 Galveston was evacuated and 100 sub and ships from the Texas navy where sent out. 5hr later a battle began and with the Germans sinking 50 navy ships and 60 subs and Texans sinking 80 ships and 75 U- boats. After that Texas declared war Germany and Japan joining battles like D-day, Iwo Jima, invasion of Berlin, and the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. After the war ended in 1945 Texas and the United States became world super powers along with Russia and England. Later in the year the Cuban missile crisis started JFK wanted to stop it but LBJ president of Texas went and invaded Cuba and set a navy blockade around Cuba to keep Russians out and forced the Russian navy to back down. And Texas forces left Cuba after two weeks later in years the US and Russia went head to head in a Cold War and of corse Texas wanted in. So of the coast California (belonging to Texas) went through the Pacific and invaded Russia from behind. There was only one famous battle between Texas and Russia which was Siberians vs the legendary Texas rangers and in a sad defeat for the Russians Texas armed forces advanced. Side note: (Texas rangers where trained in the Colorado mountains and used Switzerland and Siberian military training methods in 1965). And snuck behind enemy lines to Moscow and set three bombs off in the red square and then invaded Moscow while it was in panic and seized it ending the Cold War. The united State and Texas met to sign a treaty and with that pull out of Russia. The United States and Texas became much better allies after the war. In 2001 9/11 had had happen and George Bush jr. declared war on terrism and Texas wanted to help so the Texas army and the US army where in joint operation. Later in 2008 Barack Obama became president of the US and a man the descendant of Sam Houston named Andrew Jackson Houston jr. later in 2013 Obama pulled out troop in the Middle East. Texas on the other hand left a year later and then ISIS had risen. Texas went back and had evacuated the towns that ISIS control and dropped one atom bomb. In the middle of Iraq and Syria and launched missiles on ISIS town and soldiers and ended ISIS and later left Iraq. And has not got involved with other countries and is not in NATO.

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