The Republic of Texas is a nation located in southern North America, bordering the Empire of Mexico, the California Federation, Louisiana, and the United States of America.


The Republic of Texas began as a rebellion from Mexico. For about 10 years, it languished as a border zone between the United States and the Empire. Mexico was adamant that if Texas was annexed, it would declare war on the US, however it refused to recognize Texas as an independant state. When the US finally did declare war on Mexico on

(See Texan History (The Imperial Americas))


The Republic of Texas is organized into 10 states, each of which elects one Governor and an additional 12 Members of Parliament to serve as lawmakers for their home state. The supreme head of government, elected every 5 years from among the populace, is called the President. The President serves as the leader of Parliament, in addition to having veto power. The courts are tied directly to Parliament, with the High Judge being an automatic member of Parliament, in addition to the head of the military. While the Republic was once a non-partisan system, it is now a dominant party system, the National Texan Party. Under this system, other parties have been allowed to form, but have found it difficult to achieve majority or the coveted positions of Secretary General, High Judge or President due to the tariffs imposed on any non-dominant party.


The Military is a important part of the Republic, once even toppling the government. The main branches of the military are:

  • National Texan Army: The main ground forces of the Republic. Have served in multiple wars, notably against California, the United States, and Mexico. This is a large organization, with every available 18 year old male conscripted until their period of military training is over, to be called back whenever need be.
  • Private Texan Navy: A large privateer fleet which serve to fight pirates or national enemies. This fleet is full of mercenaries, and is notorious for pillaging cities and ships it has defeated.
  • National Texan Specials: Including the special forces, air force, military police and coast guard, this is made up of the most loyal Texan soldiers. It is the ambition of many Texans to find a career in the specials.


The Texan Economy is a free market, much like the United States, California and Canada. It is largely driven by its corporations. These corporations even run the Private Texan Navy, which has proven so effective it is currently serving as the only sea force in Texas. Texas is enriched by trade by its ports in the south, but most of its wealth comes from Oil. Still, the majority of Texan citizens are in agriculture or maintaining public services. Mostly all businesses in Texas have become incorporated into larger conglomerates, and these form an informal backbone of the National Texan Party.

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