The Republic of Texas is a large nation found in the central part of the North American continent.
The Republic of Texas
Republic of TexasRepublic of Texas
Timeline: The American Republics
OTL equivalent: Republic of Texas
Flag of Republic of Texas
The Lone Star Nation
(and largest city)
Official languages English, Spanish
Ethnic groups  Texan, Yankee, Mexican, Dixie.
 -   estimate 39 million 
 -   census 37,452,780 
GDP (PPP)  estimate
 -  Total two billion 
 -  Per capita 54,000 
Currency Texan Dollar, American Dollar

Early History

From 1821 - 1836 the area Texas covered was an integral part of the Mexican country until 1836 when American immigrants set up a new nation with relative ease due to turmoil in the Mexican nation.

American influence

Due to American immigrants migrating to Texas (at its height of 1000 per month in 1836) the nation had a bias toward the United States. It was so influenced by the United States it was considered a puppet state until 1862 when it intervened in the American Civil War.