The Republic of Susquehanna voted to secede from Pennsylvania on December 24, 1977 due to citizens belief that they needed to rejoin the United States, and wanted their opinions to be heard.  The counties that voted to secede were: Montour County, Columbia County, Northumberland County, Lycoming County, Union County, and Schuylkill County.


The military was formed consisting of drafted citizens and National Guardsmen.


23,000 infantry (Divided into 23 regiments of 1000 men each, regiments divided into 10 companies of 100 troops, each company into 25 squads, 4 soldiers each.)

Main Battle Rifle- M-1 Garand, M-14

Main Side Arm- M1911

13- M60 Pattons

548- modified pickup trucks (most with M1919 Browning machine guns)

10- M151 MUTT

6- M116 howitzers

1- M113 Armored Personnel Transport

(Republic of Susquehanna armored units are divided as follows- Unit 1: Two M60 Pattons, One M151 MUTT, Three M116 howitzers; Unit 2: Three M60 Pattons, Four M151 MUTT, One M116 Howitzer; Unit 3: Four M60 Pattons, One M151 MUTT, One M113 APT; Unit 4: Two M60 Pattons, Three M151 MUTT, Unit 5: Two M60 Pattons, One M151 MUTT, Two M116 Howitzers)

Air Force

900 pilots, mechanics, and other personnel

Main weapon- M1911

7- Bell UH-1 Iroquois

36- Bell AH-1 Cobra

7- Cessna 172

Coast Guard

153 pilots, mechanics, Marines

Main Weapons- M14

Side Arm- M1911

1- Cessna 172

1- Sikorsky H-19

6- Coast Guard Cutter Boats (armed with one M240 machine gun)

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