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The Republic of South Carolina
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: South Carolina

The Republic Shall Endure! (English)

Anthem "Battle Hymn of the Republic"
Capital Columia
Largest city Columbia
Other cities Charleston,
Language English
Legislature Senate
Population 499,563 (as of 2010)
Independence October 14th, 1983
Currency South Carolina Dollar ($)

The Republic of South Carolina is the remnants of the State Government that once ruled South. South Carolina had its share of nuclear shower, and many large cities remain uninhabitable. Once sized in the millions, Mississippi is now at a size of less than 500,000 people. After the war, the state government tried to establish itself again the city of Conway, South Carolina and thereby began to expand. Although initially unsuccessful, the Republic gained traction in the 90s by being able to annex the cities of Columbia and Charleston. 



Before the war, South Carolina was a state of the United States of America, being comprised of a population sized at 4.73 Million people. 


Due to a moderate amount of military forces being situated in South Carolina, South Carolina was moderately hit, mainly in city centers and military bases. Small towns far from military bases were generally spared from the nuclear holocaust. It were these small towns that began the Republic


When the nuclear war began, many important members of the South Carolina State Government were killed, but a few members of state, cabinet members and local legislatures survived the holocaust. After a few weeks of disarray, a few surviving members gathered at the lightly damaged city of Conway and began to build a "South Carolina Republic". The first course of action was to enforce the law. The surviving police force were used to enforce law in Conway. Secondly, a Constitution was made, based off the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution of the former United States. There were formations of militias to try to take over the rest of South Carolina, but these attempts were a failure at the beginning, due to most of the populace wanting to focus on Conway rather than rapid expansion. 


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