Republic of Siberia
Республика Сибири
Timeline: Treaty of Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation

OTL equivalent: Siberia
Flag of siberia (horizontal) Siberian COA
Flag Coat of Arms

Для Бога Республики и Свободы (Russian)
("For God, Republic, and Liberty")

Anthem "Марсельеза (the Marseillaise)"
Capital Novosibirsk
Largest city Omsk
Language Russian
Religion Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism
Ethnic Groups
  others Polish, Ukrainian, Belarus, Chinese, Japanese, etc.
Demonym Siberian
Government Republic
  legislature Federal Assembly of the People of Siberia
President Viktor Tolokonsky
Currency US Dollar ($)

The Republic of Siberia was created after the collapse of the Tsardom of Russia. The Siberian people refused to join the Russian Provisional Government and became and independent nation recognized by all nation after Vladimir Lenin and the President of Siberia, Ivan Yeltsin, signed the Treaty of Moscow and recognized the new Siberian state.

The Siberians became threatened by the Soviets after Lenin's death and they invaded in 1932, the Siberians turned to the SDTO for help, an international corps was created and many Americans, Japanese, and others who were inelgible for war duty volunteered in this corps and were able to fight. The Siberians eventually stopped the Soviets at the Yenisei River for the remander of the Great War and at the Treaty of Versailles the Soviet-Siberian Question went in favor of Siberia and it regained all of its land to the Ural mountains.

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