The Republic of Serbia was a short-lived entity in the Balkans in the 1960's and early 1970's. Following the Black Sea War, the former Turkish territories in Europe were divided into the Republic of Romania, Republic of Greece, and Serbian Confederacy in 1960. However, in-fighting between ethnic groups within the Serbian Confederacy and the loyalty of Bosnian and Albanian Muslims to the old Turkish government led to the secession of the Bosnian Confederacy in 1964. The Republic of Serbia was dominated by a Christian government and struggled to maintain peace in Muslim Albania throughout its existence. In 1967, the Albanian secession movement took steam, leading to the bloody Serbian Civil War from 1967-1969, and in 1970, Albania was independent, helped by Turkish generals and CIA interference, and was reabsorbed into Turkey in 1971. Two successive Serbian governments collapsed in 1970 and 1971, and it was invaded by the Turks to provide "stability" in 1972, despite protestations from the French bloc, who in turn invaded Bosnia to prevent a similar occurrence there later that year. In 1973, Serbia was absorbed into Turkey.

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