Republic of Riverside
Timeline: Radioactive Tide (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Southern California
Capital Riverside
Largest city Riverside
Other cities Moreno Valley, Huntington Harbor
  others Spanish
Demonym River People
Legislature Federal Constitutional Republic
President Joey Perez
Established 346
Currency River Dollar ($)

The Republic of Riverside is a republic located along the southern coast of California from former Orange County to the other side of the former Mexican border.


Riverside is near the ruins of Los Angeles and San Diego, with its borders stretching from the Coachella Indian Nation to the right; Pacific Ocean to the west; and the ruins of cities to the north and south. The main urban center is located within the Sunnymead Valley, with an flat surface to the west leading to the Pacific Ocean.


The United States of America was believed, by most teachers and politicians, to control central North America, Alaska, and Hawaii. When the Great Flash occurred, the US was the main participant between Russia and China. San Diego and Los Angeles were turned into ruins and much of the area around it was abandoned.

In 346, a group of survivors banned together in the ruins of Riverside, California. There, they formed an republic with an constitution and three branches: Executive, Judicial, and Legislative Branch. They elected Joey Perez as their president.

In 347, the newly established Republic of Riverside Army expanded Riverside from its capital and into Moreno Valley. There they encountered an tribe of cannibals and a battle was fought. By the winter of 347, ammo supplies for the Republic's weapons began to diminish. The city was still under tribal control and fearing that they would be overrun, General Mark Shaw ordered the melt down of all useless weapons and turn them into swords. They also declared peace with the tribe and absorbed it into the republic.

In 348, the republic expanded into Orange County and the southern portion of Moreno Valley. They find weapons in the March Air Reserve Base Armory and they build an harbor for fishing trawlers they found in an harbor. After finding the two trawlers, Perez orders the construction of Huntington Harbor. The harbor finished two years after the order. Perez also orders the reconstruction of the oil wells near the ruins of Costa Mesa.

In 349, the Republic expands downwar into the former San Diego area. As salvaging missions continue, a group of salvagers find the most interesting thing, an half-submerged aircraft carrier. As salvaging continues, the carrier is slowly being taken apart and melted down to raw steel.

In 355, California troops expanded into former Mexico and found a river with chunks of concrete in it.


The economy of Riverside depends on oil and fish, they also trade with the Coachella Indian Nation. The average income per household is 450,000 an year. Another major employer is salvaging, reconstruction, and the military.


Riverside currently uses bolt-action rifles and hand grenades. An UCR scientist found a picture of WWII helicopter. He assembles a research team and begins the process of designing an helicopter similar to it. The first helicopter was tested and it flew. The salvaging mission in San Diego also found old Bofors from the old aircraft carrier.

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