Republic of Quebec
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Montreal
Largest city Montreal
Other cities Sault Ste-Marie, Quebec
Language French
Religion Christianity
Government Semi-presidential republic
Head of State President
Head of Government Prime Minister
Area 1.5 million km²
Population 7.7 million 
Established 1925 (independence from Canada)
Currency Quebecois livre
Organizations OAS, NAU


In 1925, Quebec gained independence during the North America War. The Quebecois kept their independence for many years. They are a part of the North American Union.


The Quebecois President is elected for a 4-year term, with a two term limit, by direct vote. He or she chooses the prime minister.

Heads of State

# President Took office Left office Party Prime Minister
1 Louis-Alexandre Taschereau 1925 1934 Quebecois Liberal Adelard Godbout
2 Adelard Godbout 1934 1938 Quebecois Liberal Ernest Lapointe
3 Maurice Duplessis 1938 1942 Quebecois Nationalist Union Paul Sauve
4 Adelard Godbout 1942 1946 Quebecois Liberal Ernest Lapointe
5 Maurice Duplessis 1946 1950 Quebecois Nationalist Union Paul Sauve
6 Joseph-Mignaut-Paul Sauve 1950 1958 Quebecois Nationalist Union Antonio Barrette
7 Antonio Barrette 1958 1962 Quebecois Nationalist Union Francois Leduc
8 Jean Lesage 1962 1966 Quebecois Liberal Rene Levesque
9 Daniel Johnson, Sr. 1966 1968 Quebecois Nationalist Union Jean-Jacques Bertrand
10 Jean-Jacques Bertrand 1968 1970 Quebecois Nationalist Union Reynald Frechette
11 Robert Bourassa 1970 1974 Quebecois Liberal Rene Levesque
12 Rene Levesque 1974 1982 Quebecois Convertative Pierre-Marc Johnson
13 Pierre-Marc Johnson 1982 1986 Quebecois Conservative Rene Levesque
14 Robert Bourassa 1986 1990 Quebecois Liberal Daniel Johnson, Jr.
15 Daniel Johnson, Jr. 1990 1994 Quebecois Conservative Jacques Parizeau
16 Jacques Parizeau 1994 1998 Quebecois Conservative Lucien Bouchard
17 Jean Charest 1998 2002 Quebecois Liberal Bernard Landry

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