Republic of Prussia
Republik von Preußen
Timeline: Prussian Turbulence

OTL equivalent: Germany
Imperial german flag 150 Coat of Arms of Prussia (Russian America)
Flag Coat of Arms

Preußen uber alles/بروسيا على كل (German, Arabic)
("Prussia over all")

Anthem "Das Preußenlied"
Capital Munich
Largest city Berlin
Other cities Hamburg, Magdeburg, Arnis
German, Arabic
  others English, Polish, Hebrew, Japanese
Christianity, Islam
  others Judaism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Paganism
Ethnic Groups
Aryan, Arab
  others Polish,
Demonym Prussian
Government Royal State
  legislature King
King Kaiser Derik
  Schloss: Neuschwanstein
137,903 mi²
  water (%) 137,903
Population 80.62 million 
Established January 30, 1933
Independence from Nazi Germany
  declared January 30, 1933
  recognized September 11, 1933
Currency Euro
Time Zone CEST
  summer CEST
Internet TLD .pr
Organizations Communist Party, Senate, Royal Family
The Republic of Prussia is an oligarchy in Central Europe. When the Holocaust began, this country seceded from Nazi Germany. Today it is an economic giant, while the US is the Switzerland of the North America, unlike it's superpower brothers Canada and Mexico.

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