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Republic of Pennsylvania
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Northwester, North-Central, South-Central, Northeastern, and Southeastern
Flag of Pennsylvania Seal of Pennsylvania
Flag Coat of Arms

TBA (English)

Anthem "TBA"
Capital TBA
Largest city State College
Other cities Reading, Warren, Gettysburg, Hazleton
  others German
Demonym Pennsylvanian
Governor TBA
Area ~78,000 sq km
Population 1,107,858 (est. 2010-2014)
Independence 2020-2030 (Proposed)
Currency US Dollar, State College Currency, Barter

The Republic of Pennsylvania is a nation proposed by the Commonwealth of Susquehanna. Politicians hope to have the nation formed by the 2020's to the 2030's.

Proposed Members

This is a list of nations proposed by Susquehanna to make up the Republic of Pennsylvania:

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