Republic of Olympia
Timeline: Mankind Reborn (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Olympic Peninsula
Flag of Cascadia No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Republic of Olympia
Location of Republic of Olympia
Capital Olympia
Largest city Olympia
Other cities Port Angeles, Port Townsend, Aberdeen, Shelton,
  others Spanish, Ukrainian, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean
Area 7000 sq mi
Population 430,000 
Independence January 6, 1950
Currency US Dollar, Barter


The Republic of Olympia is a small Republic based out of Olympic Peninsula, though it was significantly impacted by the asteroid, its population was so spread out that the impact only affected those coastal towns, specifically those in Callam State (formerly known as Callam County).

After the impact most of those close to the coastline were forced to retreat into the Olympic National Park for safety settling up small villages and communities amongst themselves. With the advent of the impact, many of those seeking help either went over the Cascades to Eastern Washington or headed to the safer West Coast regions.

The Republic of Olympia was set up with the help of the local remnant military bases around the coast, helping set up a firm control of the Peninsula and with regular scouting missions sent into Seattle and into neighboring counties to secure future holdings.



States of the Republic of Olympia

  • Callam (Port Angeles)
  • Jefferson (Port Townsend)
  • Grays Harbor (Aberdeen)
  • Mason (Shelton)
  • Thurston (Olympia)


Top Industries of the Republic of Olympia

  • Agriculture
  • Fishing
  • Timber
  • Manufacturing (Ships/Aircraft)



The Republic of Olympia has an effective military force of 20,000 troops on stand by at all times, but has a very massive reserve as most citizens of the Peninsula hunt so most know how to use a gun effectively and maintaining a fairly decent armored division consisting of M4-Shermans and Greyhounds

Air force

With the impact Boeing was forced to move its company to Olympia where it began slow manufacturing of its signature heavy bombers the Boeing B-29 Superfortresses. Although only a few of them are in use they are very effective with movable guns and a large dropping payload.


The Olympic Navy is probably the one with the most potential with the naval industry being heavily in the Pacific Coast before the impact the Republic has been able to scavenge a few small patrol boats and scavenging parts of bigger unfinished ships

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