Republic of New England
Timeline: Weird America

OTL equivalent: Northeastern USA
New England pine flag RNEcoa
Flag Coat of Arms
WA map3
Location of Republic of New England (Grey)
(and largest city)
New York
Language English
Demonym New Englander
Government Federal presidential republic
President Tiffany Law (F)
Vice-President Carson Bourne (F)
Population 25,385,315 
Independence from United States of America
  declared 1815
  recognized 1815
Currency RNE Dollar (RNE$)

The states that make up the Republic of New England declared independence from the United States in the aftermath of the Treaty of Ghent that marked the end of the War of 1812. This declaration led to a short war between the New England states and the US Government which was won by New England in 1816. The first country to recognize the independence of the RNE was Great Britain.




The national assembly or Congress of the Republic of New England is divided into two houses, the lower house or House of Representatives and the upper house or Senate. The number of Representatives from each state is decided in proportion to the population of the state and can be altered after each national census. Each state (plus the Federal Capital) is entitled to five Senators. All Representatives and Senators have to stand for re-election every four years. The President is directly elected by the population also every four years. The elections are staggered so Congressional and Presidential elections so they don't take place in the same year. Say for example a Presidential election took place in 2016, the Congressional elections would take place in 2018.

A similar process takes place in the legislative assemblies of each state.

List of Presidents


The Republic is divided into 11 states and one Federal Capital (New York City and Long Island). Each state is subdivided into counties apart from the Federal Capital which is divided into boroughs). There are 200 counties and seven boroughs.

Each state has its own legislative assembly and elected head of government. These individuals have the title of Governor with the exception of the Federal Capital whose elected head has the title of Mayor.

Political Parties

  • Federalist Party (In favour of a strong national government)
  • National Party (In favour of the national government only having those powers not already held by the states)
  • True American Party (Right wing nationalism)
  • Socialist Party (Democratic socialism, worker's rights)
  • Native American Rights Party (Protecting the rights of those citizens of the RNE that are of Native American origin)


Law and Order

International Relations








Art and Literature



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