Republic of New England
Republique du Noveau-Angleterre
1986 –
Flag of New England No coa
"When Fall Comes to New England"

Kittery, Maine (Executive)
Boston, Massachusetts (Legislative)
Hartford, Connecticut (Judicial)

Largest City Boston, Massachusetts
Official language English (de facto)
Other language(s) French
State ideology Democratic-Republic
Government Constitutional Federal Presidential Republic
Head of State
- 2008 -
Howard Dean
Assistant Head of State
-2008 -
Vice President
Barney Frank
Area 186,468.8 km² (2009)
Population 20,519,720
Currency NE Dollar

The Republic of New England (RNE) (often referred to as "New England") is a nation comprised of the six states that made up the former Region of New England in the Northeastern United States, and a seventh comprised of eastern New York counties won durring the RNE's brief war with the United States.

When it was part of the United States, it was decidedly the most Liberal/Left-Wing areas in the country. It officially seceded from the United States on April 3, 1986, after years of rumors and debate of potential secessions. The United States recognized the country as independent in August of that year, after an attempted removal of power, which resulted in the cession of eight eastern New York counties to the RNE, which became it's own state "West Vermont", becoming the seventh New English state as mentioned above.

The RNE's own secession inspired the secession of another region of the country: the western coast. The Republic of the Pacific seceded months after the RNE did, but faced much stronger resistance from the United States.

The republic is famous for it's 1997 discovery of the hiding place of Osama bin Laden and his terrorist group Al Qaeda. It's believed that the information obtained by the RNE successfully prevented several major terrorist attacks which were being planned by bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

New England is in no way related to the country of England in the nation of the United Kingdom, other than being a former colony. All colonial ties with England and the UK were cut, however, in 1783 following the American Revolution. The name "Republic of New England" refers to the name of the former American region.

New England is well known around the world for its old traditions, folklore, and ghost stories. These are kept alive today in New England by its proud people, and are still a huge part of New English Culture. The biggest reminder of this is the New England Folklore Festival in Manchester, which takes place from December 1st to December 6th, every year.

International Relations

The RNE is on generally friendly terms with most nations, and has an ambassador to all UN members, excepting Iran, but even Iran and the RNE are in the early diplomatic process. It is incredibly friendly with Cuba, the bane of the United States since it's Communist Revolution. There is still some reluctance with certain right-leaning New English to have diplomatic ties with Cuba, but most consider it only fair as Cuba was among the first nations to recognize the RNE after it's secession from the United States, and staunchly opposed the American invasion of New England.

The RNE is closely tied with almost every European country, with slightly chilly diplomacy between the RNE and Poland. The United Kingdom and the Republic of New England are very closely tied. Italian relations have gotten colder, as former New English Vice President Joe Lieberman condemned Italian Prime Minister Silvio Belusconi for his repeated accusations of criminal actions and corruption.

The RNE is also closely tied to it's fellow recent upstart nations, the Republic of the Pacific ("Pacifica"), the Republic of Quebec and the Eastern Republic of Acadia. Together, with the United States and Canada, the nations form one of the strongest bonds in the world, despite initial divides, each nation now works together. All are members of NATO (excepting Pacifica, which borders only the Pacific Ocean rather than the Atlantic) and all are members of the recently founded North American Congress, an OAS-style organization exclusively for North American and Caribbean nations.


The RNE is a member of FIFA, IOC and IIHF. The nation also has the New England Patriots, Boston Bruins, Boston Red Sox, and Boston Celtics in the NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA, respectively. There is also the New England Hockey League and the New England Baseball League. The NEHL and NEBL also have several teams in the Eastern Republic of Atlantica and the Republic of Quebec. There are also teams located throughout the RNE in the American Hockey League and Minor League Baseball.

There have been several attempts for a Major League Soccer team to be based in Boston or Hartford, but because of what many believe to be American Conservative and anti-New England involvement in Major League Soccer, which was founded eleven years after New England's secession, has resulted in no team being awarded to the RNE.

Oddly, there are several MLS teams based in the Republic of the Pacific.


Full article: Political Parties of the Republic of New England

The current President of the RNE is Howard Dean, and his Vice President is Barney Frank, both of the Progressive Social Democratic Party. The current Prime Minister is John Kerry of the PSDP. The PSDP has maintained a majority in both houses of congress since the RNE's inception, although there have been some highly popular presidents of the RNE have been members of the Centrist Party. There is a small but relevant Conservative Party in the RNE. They have never won more than a few seats in either house of congress, and have never had a successful presidential candidate.

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