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Timeline: Doomsday
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Building a brighter future ({{{language}}})

Anthem "Indiana,our Indiana"
(and largest city)
New Albany(Also Largest)
Religion Catholic
Ethnic Group German
Demonym Hoosier
Government Republic
  legislature President
Annexation to Kentucky
  date 1988
Calling Code 502

Is a small city-state of floyd county across from Louisville.

New Albany during Doomsday

When the city of Lousiville just alittle ways down from New Albany had been hit with a USSR nuke, New Albany was leveled, most of the town died.

New Albany after Doomsday

After it was safe a group of around 3,000 hoosier, from around the state, led by Cinthiana Little to rebuild the city, a former resident of New Albany, she had been going to Indiana University in Bloomington at the time and was training as a nurse, she worked in the hospitals in Bloomington when large numbers came from Indianapolis for refuge.

Relations With Kentucky

Relations with Kentucky has been at sometimes, distressful for Cinthiana who would like to try and bring back the state of Indiana.

The people of New Albany likes the protection that Kentucky gives, but still thinks that Indiana should become free of other's rule (Such as Kentucky)

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