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Republic of Montour-Columbia
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday
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Pre Doomsday

Montour County was settled in the late 1700's by William Montgomery.  The County was formed from Columbia County on May 3rd, 1850.  Danville has been the county seat since its foundation, and was the county seat of Columbia County from 1813 to 1846.  It was named for Madame Montgomery who was a French-Indian woman and was involved in Indian Affairs.  On Doomsday, the population stood at 16,926 citizens in Montour County, and Columbia County had 36,689 citizens.  


Neither county was struck during the war, but radiation contaminated the water supply.  Then the refugee storm began as panicking individuals fleeing Wilkes-Barre and Scranton (Wilkes-Barre mainly) made their way into Bloomsburg.  All of the power to the town was cut by the EMP bursts in the air.  Many people died of food poisoning and murder.  The radiation levels from the survivors made the situation even worse.  By the end of the week the government of Bloomsburg fled to Danville where they hoped to find a functional government. 


After Doomsday, with no contact from the US or Pennsylvanian governments, the town council held an emergency meeting, inviting members of the Bloomsburg council and Mayor.  They voted to form an intern government, and write a temporary constitution.  On January 15th, 1984 the Provisional Union of Montour-Columbia was formed.  The first course of action was to launch an attack to retake Bloomsburg.  The PUMC militia was formed and the first campaign was started on April 1st, 1984. 

The main arm of the PUMC militia was a 30.06 bolt action.  So with that they assaulted Bloomsburg, they were out gunned and outnumbered 3:1.  This lead to over 50% casualty rate.  After more planning, the soldiers managed to assassinate the gang leaders and retake the city in the chaos that followed.

On July 4th, 1986 the town was freed after Danville lost over five thousand people to the war, starvation and illness.  Bloomsburg had lost over three thousand due to the same factors.

The referendum was to hold emergency elections until contact was established withe the US or PA.


In June of 1987, due to mass corruption of the government, the people revolted.  People wanted the government to step down and give control over to the people.  When the government refused the people began to mass protest and loot.  The PUMC militia was called out to calm the situation, but refused to fire on the citizens, and in some cases joined the protesters.  Then a firebomb was thrown by a rioter, leading to a fire burning down part of the town. 

The PUMC militia in Bloomsburg was called out to calm the protests and force people home.  When they did the police opened fire with small arms while civilians threw bottles and bricks.  The militiamen, fearing for their own safety began to randomly gun down citizens.  That lead to a week or so of urban combat, soldiers using guns, civilians destroying ammo dumps, government buildings, and ambushing soldiers.  In the end, the few survivors fled to Danville, only to be ambushed by raiders or gangsters.

By September, both towns were destroyed, and picked clean by raiders and the few survivors.  Of the approximate fifty-three and a half thousand citizens, over forty thousand died.  The rest had fled northward into the forest.


Presently, the area that used to be the Provisional Republic of Montour-Columbia, is now just a ruined area of ground.  The nation of State College has sent exploration crews into the areas, and has claimed former Riverside. 

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