Khanate of Mongolia
Олноо Өргөгдсөн Монгол улс
Timeline: What Bolsheviks?

OTL equivalent: Mongolia
Flag of Mongolia (1911-1921) Emblem of the State Great Khural of Mongolia
Flag Coat of Arms

Бурхан ивээх хаан! (Mongolian)
("God Save the Khan!")

Capital Niislel Khüree
Largest city Niislel Khüree
Language Mongolian
Religion Buddhism
Ethnic Group Mongolian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Khan Ejei Khan IV
Area 1,566,000 km2 (603,909 sq mi) km²
Population 3,000,000 
Independence 1911 Independence from China

1915 Kyakhta Treaty

Currency Tögrög
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