The Republic of Mecca is a Theocratic Islamist spanning over most of the middle east.

Basic History

The Republic of Mecca was formed out of the ruined Omnistin Caliphate by the rebel forces. The Republic was a relatively minor state until the dawn of the age of airship. Their vast reserves of oil, and the steam potential of their desert territory quickly mad them one of the dominant economic powers on the planet. The Meccans used this wealth to conquer the remainder of the middle east, including the newborn Persian Empire and the Kingdom of Egypt. Caliph became a democratically attained position in 1867. After the Colonial Alliance discovered the Albertan Oil deposits, a cold war over the economic lifeblood of the planet was conducted with them. This continued until the invasion of Canada by the Federated States of America, drawing the Colonial Alliance into war. The Republic threw its economic support in behind the FSA, hoping to finally crush its foe. It was invaded by the African Confederation upon its entry into the war, who surprisingly captured Mecca within six months after the invasion and forced the republic into surrender and disarmament by the end of that year.

Military Tactics

The Republic of Mecca's air forces were disastrously untested and unprepared for the invasion. The ships themselves were of all varieties, including what was later classified an Air Fortress for a command base. However, their organization was ineffective. Their tactics had been to destroy all opponents from close range. The African Sky Navy used Fist Rockets and Corvettes to great effect against this attack. On the ground, the Meccans simply threw their superior numbers and technology at the approaching forces. As the Africans typically relied upon fortified positions and artillery, this tactic provided massive casualties and was nearly completely ineffective. The Meccans frantically changed their doctrine to extreme long range, it was implemented too late to make a difference in the war.


The Republic's citizens are predominantly Muslim. They wear the typical Muslim dress and adhere to the Muslim religion fanatically.

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