Republic of Massachusetts
Timeline: Mankind Reborn (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Eastern and Central Massachusetts

By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty ()

Capital Boston
Largest city Worcester
  others Spanish,Korean, and more
Demonym Bay Stater, Massachusettsan
Governor-President Paul A. Dever
Area 9889 sq km 
Population 300,000 estimated. 
Established 1950
Currency US Dollar (officially) Barter system

The Republic of Massachusetts is a nation located on the east coast of the Former United States,consisting of the former Massachusetts counties of Worcester, Middlesex, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex. The Republic's official capital is Boston, however, the government resides in Worcester.


The Republic of Massachusetts was founded in the City of Worcester, and expanded east, eventually taking much of eastern MA. the republic then engaged in a 6 month long conflict called the Bandit war, which liberated Boston from the many bandit groups that had taking residence there.Project Hill City began, which started the rebuilding of the Boston area. More Later


The State military is controlled by the head of defense, however many towns and cities have local militias that serve as police. The State holds the right to recruit militia men into the State military in times of crisis. the State military has no official weapon,with many using old hunting and police weapons and other weapons found while scavenging. The military has about 1000 regulars and 500 irregulars, which could be boosted by about 500 if needed. Every military man is supposed to be given a sword as well as a firearm,though the number of firearms is limited. The air-force and navy are limited, with the navy's only jobs to protect fishermen and collect scraps form the harbor that could be recycled. The air-force is almost non-existent, consisting of about 5 planes and 50 men. The Governor has urged to rebuild the air-force, but the project is considered unnecessary. Government:

The government of Massachusetts is styled similar to the old American government, with 3 branches of government; Executive,Judaical, and Legislative. The Legislative Branch is an unicameral legislature, with each district getting at least 2 representatives and then more based on population. The Governor-President is picked with the popular vote insted of a representative vote like the old US. EconomyThere is no currency, with merchants using a barter system. The government states that US dollars are excepted, but no merchant will take them. The two primary resources are lumber and fish,with steel being harvested form the ruins of many cities and towns. Stone is also prevalent as well within the state.

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