کۆماری مەهاباد
Republic of Mahabad
Client state of the Soviet Union
State Flag of Iran (1964-1980).svg
1941–1946 State Flag of Iran (1964-1980).svg
Flag of the Republic of Mahabad.svg Coat of arms of the Republic of Mahabad.svg
Flag State Emblem
Capital Mahabad
Official language Kurdish
Religion None (State atheism)
Government Marxist–Leninist Single-party state
 - 1941-1946 Qazi Muhammad
Prime Minister
 - 1941-1946 Haji Baba Sheikh
Historical era World War II / Cold War
 - Soviet invasion of Iran 25 August 1941
 - End of the Iran crisis 16 December 1946

The Republic of Mahabad was a Puppet state of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

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