The Republic of Louisiana was one of the bloodiest battle fronts of the North American War, after its invasion by Texas in 1998. At current, it is occupied by the ICMAG and Texas. Louisiana played a major role in the Siege of Baton Rouge, which lasted 900 days and was the bloodiest battle of the war.

The Republic of Louisiana ceased to exist in 2002, when it willingly accepted annexation into the ICMAG. The United Kingdom of Great Britain disputes the annexation, and a Louisianan exile government exists in London. However, the exile government only has tenuous connections to the last government of the Republic of Louisiana, as the current President-in-exile, who had the highest rank in independent Louisiana out of the exiles, was Undersecretary of Agricultural Affairs.


The roots of the North American War in Louisiana lie in the poverty and civil unrest in Louisiana in the late 1990s, after the collapse of the continental economy. The government, which had been controlled for over a century by the Texas-backed Louisiana Democratic Party, became extremely unpopular for its Races Apart policy. It was in this environment of civil tension that a black independent, Marc Morial, ran for the presidency of New Orleans against Mike Foster, the incumbent president, in what was widely heralded as the end of Democratic dominance.

In the Louisiana election of July 4 1999, both Morial and Foster gained nearly equal votes, in a campaign marked by allegations of vote-rigging. Morial was declared the victor by an extremely thin margin of 2000 votes. Texas declared the election invalid, and invaded in support of Foster.

The resulting war was the bloodiest of the North American War, and the only one on which nuclear weapons were used. Texan forces, aided by an expeditionary force from Aztlan, rapidly overwhelmed the outmatched Louisiana forces, and advanced rapidly towards New Orleans. They were halted at Baton Rouge on 9 December 1999, by a multinational force comprised of soldiers from Britain, France, Germany, Florida, the ICMAG. Trench warfare soon set in, with torrential rains and the use of biological and chemical weapons by both sides leading to the deaths of thousands. The state was divided by the Baton Rouge Line, a line of trenches that extended for thousands of km. The siege lasted for over 900 (or two and a half years), and cost an estimated 500 000 lives from both warfare and disease.

Finally, on March 31 2002, Texan forces broke through at Baton Rouge, causing the collapse of the allied lines. In the Battle of New Orleans on April 23, the Lone Star 1, a Texan bomber, used two nuclear warheads on the dike protecting the city from Lake Pontchartrain, flooding the city and killing millions. Marc Morial was killed in the blast. In the aftermath of the bombing, Texan and allied forces battled in the radioactive, flooded, heavily polluted city, with patrol cruisers fighting in the streets. In the end, the city was divided between zones of Texan and allied occupation. At the same time, ICMAG launched a massive offensive from Mississippi into occupied Louisiana, further stretching Texan forces and devastating Louisiana.

The war effectively caused the collapse of the Louisiana government; much of the state was made uninhabitable by the use of weapons of mass destruction, with over 70% of the state under Texan occupation. Morial did not appoint a successor, and thus the state's government collapsed into turmoil following his death. In order to end the continuing crisis, the ICMAG annexed the Republic of Louisiana in 2002, and appointed a military governor to take over civil administration.

The war, which eventually cost over 4 million lives, ended with the defeat of the Lamar Party in the Texan elections of 2004. The new Houston Party administration under Tony Sanchez called for an end to the war, which finally ended in an armistice on January 4, 2005. The war officially ended with the Treaty of San Francisco. It was the last ongoing conflict in the North American War.

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