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So few photos about PLA in colour. In there, some PLA soldier is using a weapon lefted by defeat Italian troops.

Republic of Libya
is a short-live republic at coastal Libya while the Italian Civil War. It living in 1949 to 1951, it was destroyed by Italy in 1951, when at the end of Italian Civil War.

After the coup in Roma, some Libyan launch the rebels at many places in Libya, the biggest rebel is in the Libyan city Sabha. But not all the rebel are under one flag, so the the rebels in the coastal of Libya establish the government.

Then they contract with another independent movement from Italian colony, like West Egypt, West Croatia. They build up a alliance. Libya establish a miltia, and named " People's Liberation Army of Libya", which is made-up by 20 division of miltia totally 15,662 members. The PLA attacks the remnant Italian army and the warlord but it's quite hard because it is the PLA is formed by normal peasant that just training about 5 days and gain the farm tools for the weapons. At the end of the Republic, they just controls 25% of Libya.

In the economy, they debit to the peasant who wants to expand their farm, they encourage people joins the farming, to get increase in the agriculture products.

After Italian finish the reunite the mainland Italy, Italian troops went to the colony (or oversea territory) to recapture it. In 26 July 1951, Italian troops landing at Tripoli and Tobruk, totally 2600 miltia is against the Italian troops. But they can not hold the attack from Italy, they all surrender in the next day. After that, the Italian troops recapture at the very fast speed. Libyan republic is destroyed at 7 August 1951. Some remnants of PLA troops are continue against Italian in the suburb, the against was continue to the Winter 1951.

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