Celestial Republic of Korea
Timeline: Centralized Empire
OTL equivalent: Republic of Korea
. AD 1945 - Present
Benefit Broadly the Human World
Patriotic Song
KOR-World-Cent. Emp.
|250px |center |alt=|Location of Republic of Korea (Centralized Empire)]]
(and largest city)
Other cities Beijing, Chang'an, Luoyang
Official languages Korean
Regional Languages Chinese, Japanese
Ethnic groups  Korean 80%, Chinese 5%, etc 15%
Demonym Korean
Asian League Celestial Nation (Chair)
Government Celestial Constitutional Federal Democratic Republic
 -  Celestial President Park Geun-hye
 -   Prime Minister Cheong Hong-Won
Legislature National Assembly
 -  Gojoseon was founded by Dangun 2333 BC 
 -  Yeongjo declares Celestial Empire of Korea  1724 AD 
 -  Republic of Korea is founded 16 May 1945 AD 
Currency Korean Won

Republic of Korea is one of the Great powers in the world as one of the five permanent members of UN Security Council. During the Chosun Dynasty, it restored their lands of Manchuria and gained Central Plains regions and became Celestial Empire of Korea.


Becoming Celestial Empire

After the defeat to Qing, the Chosun kings were very upset and prepared for a war against Qing. Qing was in its early age and had many revolts from the remnant of Ming. Due to that cause, Chosun took advantage of the situation and conquered many lands such as Manchuria (the ancestral land of Koreans) and Central Plains (symbol of legimacy of Chinese Emperors). Chosun defeated Qings and become Celestial Emperors and divided rest of China into Tributary Kingdom of Qing and Tributary Kingdom of Ming.

Administrative divisions

Republic of Korea has 3 prefects with one federal district. The prefects are Korean Peninsula, Central Plains, and Manchuria, while one federal district is its capital, Seoul.

Geography by States

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